They Return

The land of Cerin is broken by war. Runefaust invades from the west, the Savage Races raid constantly from the south, and the contested nations skirmish over territory slowly being swollowed by hordes of the undead. Good folk take up arms to defend themselves from those who would profit from these harsh times, and those with the power to protect them are few in number. In the shadows, the infernal ones grasp for purchase on the lands and in the hearts of men. The Gods are forbidden by their own edicts to directly help their mortal creations, but they work through secret channels to direct their followers where they are truly needed. Soon the balance will be shifted and the wars will be won, for the Time of Change has come again. The Red Sun has risen, the . The Chosen Ones are given flesh once more to walk the earth in mortal form. Again will the Destined Ones mark the soil with their passing. They are those who can tip the balance. Those who can truely alter the course of things. Those who must alter the course of things. Heros and Villains all, which will aid and which will slay? Who will rise and who will fall? To kneel, conqure, guard, curse or crush they come. For good or ill, they have come. For good or ill, They Return.

Annotations and Caveats

They Return is based on a wide variety of things that I did not personally create. Names, places, societal ideals. Some of the Larger influences include Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, as well as Glenn Cook’s “Black Company” books, and the Final Fantasy series of games. I don’t make any claims to the information here, as the things purely created by myself are so entertwined with the information from other worlds as for them to be indistinguishable. The idea was and is to combine the various aspects into something distinct.

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They Return