The government of Valguard is a duality between the King/Queen (Shining Monarch) and the Shining Court. High Court officials are elected by their peers, primarily nobility and members of the Guardians. Most are elected from retired members of the Church of the Light, consisting primarily of Truthseekers and Marshalls. Rarely are any of these members under the age of 40, but it has happened in cases of exceptional talent or wisdom. King is chosen through bloodlines. Generally the nobility aim for three candidates, two male and one female. One is trained as a Judge or Soldier, one as a Truthseeker or Scholar, and the last is raised outside of noble hands (besides a caretaker) as one of the populace. Oldest heirs get chosen for this triumvirate fist, but overall the populace again has the choice of which successor rules. The other two candidates are given high positions, becoming generals, professors or ambassadors, respectivly. The reigning Monarch acts as primary spokesperson for Valguard, being a paragon of it’s laws and doctrines. The reigning monarch has control over all military except for the Shining Legion and is the only official that can declare total war.


See The Light.

War and Battle

War is fought carefully. Planning, communication, organization and ingenuity are the keys to victory, in about equal weights. Thinking on your feet, going with the flow or knowing the pattern before your opponent does are the most important traits that a solider of Valguard learns. Most regulars are trained by the Genshai monks that live in and around the Sunkeep. Every few years a number of them are selected to help train a the Guardians, the main military force of Valguard. Their teachings produce a great deal of elite soldiers, each nearly a master of the bow and one-handed swords. Then these men go off and train others, who train others, who train others, who teach their children and create militias. The High Court also has a standing army comprised entirely of Judge/Seeker candidates/dropouts.

The Law

Only the Monarch is allowed to decide whether or not the nation goes to war. The last rule on the Original Tablet protected by the original Guardians. When the Shining Court was formed their first action was an attempt to ratify that very rule. But the Twelve Rules on the Original Tablet are as stone, and cannot be changed by the hands of men, Church-going or not. So the Shining Court created its own military, entirely devoted to the church. Each member of the military joins the church and leaves the “state” becoming a citizen of the Light in a very literal sense. Because they are acting on behalf of the church, which stands distinctly apart from the state, The Shining Legion is allowed to act on whatever whim the Court decides, without having to go through the King first.

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