Truthseekers make up one half of the Judge paring. Truthseekers are Arcane or Divine spellcasters that devote themselves to justice and, often, to the service of The Light. Truthseekers in the field one half of the unit comprising Valguards judicial system, their counterpart being the more melee oriented Marshal. Their magic allows them to detect falsehoods, observe suspected criminals, and even look into the past to see past crimes done. They focus their combat-based magics on distraction and support, as they are generally required to be impartial observers.

There are five ranks to becoming a Truthseeker Diviner, Seeker Truthseekers swear three oaths upon reaching the final rank of Seeker.
  • To speak no word that is not true.
  • To make no weapon with which one man may kill another.
  • To never used thier magic as a weapon except to protect from supernatural forces, or in the last extreme defense of their life, the life of their Marshal or other Judges.

There is generally a duality between selected pairs of Seekers and Marshals. If the Marshal is a Divine Defender, the Seeker is an Arcane Controller. If the Marshal is a strict adherant with punishment, the Seeker can be biased, merciful or ruthless depending on the person and the nature of the crime. Strangely, gender is not balanced in this way. Same sex pairs are the norm. If the chosen Seeker is a male, generally the selected Marshall is also male. Rarely are a man and a woman paired together, but it is not unheard of.

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