The Time of Change

An Excerpt from Valeous Neried, scholor and noted theologian.

Most mortals owe their existance to the Gods. Acting in tandem, they created the world, the universe and sentient life. Every god had a hand in creating the various races that pepper our great lands. Even the Primordials deserve thanks for the marvelous world that we live in, though that blessing was somewhat masked by their later intentions.

The Chosen Ones are not part of the balance as dictated by the Gods. They are the Chosen of Cerin herself, mortal beings given strength by the land, the sea, the sky. They are as a fever to sickness. A reaction of the planet to a malady that must be cured. They are true agents of balance, fighting as often for as against the powers that be.

The Cycle of the Chosen Ones is not called such because of a regular interval of return. There seems to be no correlation to one rebirth and another, or even the amount of souls brought back into the world. It is theorized that there are a dozen or so souls that are reborn for the purpose of restoring the balance. Perhaps even more, but in truth there is little known about the Chosen Ones. Signs and portents always declare their coming. Great Earthquakes, Astronomical Events, most scholars believe the rise of the Chosen Ones is a by-product of the Great Powers that forged the world. Generally it is believed that the Primordials influence is to blame.

Stranger still, although there is some certainty that the Chosen Ones follow a cycle and are constantly reborn into the world, some evidence leads us to believe that all chosen are reborn in a normal life-cycle, but only certain ones are actually chosen to be chosen when the Time of Change comes.

Chosen to be Chosen. Ha ha.

The Time of Change

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