Three Great Houses, Viterrek, Madrasin and Parravost rule Runefast with an iron fist. Each Great House selects a candidate, and all of the houses, great and small, decide if they are worthy to act as representative for their faction. Each candidate must prove themselves in a challenge based on their house. The chosen from House Vitterek must display a mastery of Necromancy and offensive magical arts. A chosen from House Madrasin must perform great feats of strength and skill, and those chosen from House Parravost must show a deal of ingenuity or creativity with alchemical or theurgic practices. Most of the Lesser Houses side with a particular Great House to vote, with Vitterek currently owning the most votes. One of the three houses is then chosen to be first among equals, with the chosen House’s vote breaking a tie on matters of state. Traditionally, the first among equals has been House Vitterek, but at few notable points the Runefausty history Madrasin and Paravost have held the deciding vote.

Religion, the Undead and relationship with deities.

Most of the time the Runefausti government does not directly interfere with religious pursuits. They do not regulate what the commoners worship, but neither do they tolerate dissention of any form. The only thing they greatly prohibit is the disposal rights for the dead. They do not allow the practice of burying the dead, and they forcefully crush those who would cremate corpses. Generally, as long as your worship does not fall between these three categories, Runefaust will leave you alone.

During the reign of Nerull and the rise of Orcus, Necromancy found it’s roots in the world of mortals.

War and Battle

War is a matter of numbers and strength. The myriad undead are fodder, true, but they are legion. In addition to the nearly unlimited ranks of fallen soldiers, each Great House trains warriors specifically for combat in excess. The sorcereous might of House Vitterek stands at the head of the Runefaust Army, commanding the Lifeless. Madrasin stands as their Right Hand, deadly soldiers each and every one that feed on the frenzy of battle. Paravost stands as the Left Hand, providing crafts and beasts and armors only the most twisted of minds would dare craft. Together they have marched across Yemecha, Selesh and a dozen other countries whose names have been scorched from the record books for all times. Consuming and combining until the last man is dead, bolstering their ranks with each fallen solider.


People are actually treated quite well in Runefaust. Since most of the manual labor is done by Undead that require little maintenance, people are more likely to take up trade skills or take a career in the service. Every male citizen spends a mandatory two years in the military of Runefaust after a year of training, and many females join for the temporary service as well. Soldiers are paid well, clothed in finery and given food and bed. A full career in the military can see you raised as a cognitive undead, effectively making you immortal. This is quite a boon for the populace. Few people still hold grudges about being invaded, but rebellions are rare due to the violent and permanent way in which they are resolved.


Runefaust sends incredible armies to crush the smallest of rebellions. They kills those who rebelled, then raise them as undead laborers. Then they kill everyone married/related to those people in the vicinity, and raise them as undead laborers. Then they keep watch over others of the town, and everyone related to those people, and if they see signs of dissention from those people, kill, raise, rinse, repeat. The Runefaust nobility would destroy half of their population in this manner without a drop of sweat from their brow or an hour of sleepless night.

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