Major Nations


Valguard is a nation of laws and duty. Valguardians are helralds of truth and justice, going so far as to use divination and scrying magics to divulge criminal elements. They have the greatest magic academy in all of the Known Lands, and have the widest variety of magical wonders at their disposal, including the Great Portals that allow them to effectively prevent an invasion of Runefaust. The justice system is far from omnesient If Valguard were a character, it would be a Paladin of Erathis.


Runefaust is a nation of honor and strength. Runefaust is ruthlessly efficent and seen as tyrannical by all who are not within their borders. They have no tolerace for rebellion or decention, even among the nobility. They use a form of magic that creates animated dead without disturbing the hosts soul in any way. Although not exactly an evil act, many consider the use of undead as labor and as soliders to be sacrelige. If Runefaust were a character, it would be a Cleric of the Raven Queen.


Isem is a nation of merchants and theives. Isem has always survived, and will always survive even if by the skin of it’s teeth. Law is dealt with differently from township to township, with some places barely having a town watch let alone real guards. Few bother caravans and ships leaving the desert, but those returning from other lands are fair game indeed. If Isem were a character, it would be a Brutal Scoundral Rogue, selling it’s Snake Oils to your aged grandmother.

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Major Nations

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